Halloween jars: A hauntingly fun (and frugal) notion

Um, well, sort of, kind of $10.  Don’t believe or sorta of believe me? Let’s sorta look, shall we?


Jars: I am sure they cost me something at some time. Among them you’ll see two jars for sauce, one jam, one salsa, one coconut oil, three small honey, a Ball jar (purchased years ago) and one bottle from salad dressing.

Cost to me? Sorta nothing. All but one would have been recycled and I chalk the Ball jar up to one of those jars we all have sitting around. Want to be a stickler on the Ball jar? Okay, $1.

My ode to the simple glass jar here

Fancy notions: I am a big believer in making do with what you have or can afford. As the craftiest of us know  –and those who just don’t know they are crafty need to realize – craftiness is basically the same thing. Really, the materials dictate the craft rather than the craft dictating the materials. One everyone, and I mean everyone, can do. The other just means a lot of money spent on a lot of supplies that make you feel a lot of guilt. I will go more into this theoretical notion at a later date, but for now, back to fancy notions.

Bat stickers at Michael’s ($1,) Gems and plastic spiders at Target ($3,) and hair bands and napkins from CVS ($3) for a total of $6.

Paint: I had the can of black spray paint already, but let’s make that $3 for good measure.

Fillings: This is truly a personal question, left up to the individual. What we have here is a lot of cheap candy corn and a splurge on candy corn-flavored M&Ms. I also filled the Ball jar with macadamia nuts I had from Costco. Filling one with  pop corn kernels was another idea. This number is entirely up to you.

I don’t include tax because that would require more math than I am capable of on a Sunday morning.

So there you have it, for a total of $10, sort of.


Being crafty, frugal, spreading happiness and recycling? Win, win, win and win. And for only $10? Boom.

I could go into what I did with to each individual jar but I think these directions are the most straightforward for all.

1. Clean jars.

2. Spray paint lids (maybe a jar or two) and let dry.

3. Stick and glue fancy notions on jars and lids.

4. Fill with candy.

Here are just a few of the frugal transformations. Happy Halloween!!!!

Jars: 2 sauce, one coconut oil.


Jars: Salad dressing


Jars: Jam jar


Jar: Salsa, honey jars (upper left)


Jar: Ball jar


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