Candy corn has met its match

IMG_9787I like candy corn. I like that it really is a seasonal candy and it acts that way.  Sure, you will usually see a small bags of candy corn among the collections of other ubiquitous candies like gum drops and jelly beans in the aisles of most  supermarkets and drugstores. It is not “Halloween” corn or “Autumn” corn, just candy corn. Candy corn is a classic and needs no in-your-face holiday display.

Candy corn humbly asserts itself around in late September, quietly piled beside such treats the pretentious “Halloween Peeps.” Candy corn does not claim every holiday. There are no Christmas or Valentine versions. Candy corn has a kind of quiet dignity, if a sugar-based inanimate object could.  It knows when to show up. And more importantly, when to make a graceful exit.

But I have to be honest. While I love my yearly dalliance with this sweet waxy package of pure corn syrup and sugar, candy corn has one major flaw. When it comes to this tri-color treat, there is a fine line between a little taste of sugary goodness and a headache-inducing assault of sugar in your bloodstream  accompanied by ‘torn-to-shreds’ feeling in your mouth. There really is no in between. Well, not until now. 

Behold! Candy corn and pop corn, an almost perfect balance of sweet and salty that will give you that saccharine-filled nostalgia with just a touch of fiber. Hazaa!


Candy corn and pop corn – so simple. One small change creates a most mind-altering and paradigm-shifting moment. And no, I’m not exaggerating, the idea is true genius.

I must humbly give credit to my dear friend Stacy. She mentioned this combination in passing once, as though what she was sharing was perfectly ordinary. And like most prophets, she truly had no idea the impact her words would make.

Next time you have a handful of candy corn in your hand, just toss it into a bowl of popcorn. You’ll thank me.

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