Sundays are for pancakes and discovery


So I discovered I left a word out of my post yesterday. The word was ‘be.’ Yep, kind of an important word in a sentence, being a verb and all. I fixed it so hopefully my post is now error free. But let’s face it, with the combination of my poor impulse control and wanting to post the moment I write something and my lack of funds to hire a copy editor  I have a fair number of mistakes in my blog copy.

But that is okay. Why? because today was pancake day and I discovered something awesome. Something that makes up for my lack of be and my lack of impulse control. Nothing makes up for my lack of funds.

But I digress. Let’s talk about what is important. Let’s talk pancakes and discovery.

For years I have alternated eating pancakes with my bacon – one bite pancake, one bite bacon, and so on. I would either get syrup on my fingers picking up the bacon or play the fool when attempting to cut and pick up a piece of bacon with my knife and fork. You know what I mean. The bacon shatters and you are just left stabbing your plate. And if you don’t know what I am referring to then obviously you have never eaten pancakes and bacon in public.

Well, today I realized that all I had to do to truly enjoy my pancakes and bacon was to make bacon a little bit more a la mode. That is right, I topped my pancakes with bacon sprinkles. Or maybe confetti is a better word. Now, my pancakes and bacon were all in one delicious bite.

Okay, not earth shattering news. Many people already enjoy their pancakes in just this way. But to me, it was a revelation. After uttering my aha moment fave, “Damn!,” I pulled out my camera and took a photo of my breakfast, a la mode style. Then I ate it. The pancakes, not the camera.

Again, earth shattering news that would rock the world this was not. But for me it was a moment of discovery. And a moment of discovery, no matter how small, is what makes life fun. Constant discovery is what makes childhood so awesome. I don’t have as many moments of discovery these days. As we age they seem to become fewer and further between. That is unless we actively look for them.

So look for those moments of discovery. They may not be in your Sunday breakfast but they ARE there, just waiting or you. Moments of discovery make adulthood pretty awesome too. And so does bacon confetti on pancakes.


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