Caramel corn for all!


I love caramel corn. Caramel is awesome. Popcorn is awesome. Combine the two and you get awesomer. Is that a thing? I don’t know. It should be. But not everyone has enjoyed the awesomer things in life.

I did not realize until recently that my niece Meg, and a lot of people who have nut allergies, never really get to experience caramel corn. And that made me sad. It made me doughnut sad. Why? Well, most of the caramel corn you buy in the store either has nuts or nut warnings so unless you make it from scratch, you’re not having some anytime soon.

My sister’s husband John makes caramel corn from scratch and I thought, um, brilliant. Oh, and its easy to make too.

It is really not that difficult a recipe. It is actually pretty simple.  There is really only one mistake you can make. That mistake would be  to make it while you are alone on a Friday night just before a weekend where you know you will not be going out much. Seriously, don’t. And don’t package it all nice (like the photo above) so you can share with others when you go into work on Monday because, well, you are just going to have to wash out the mason jar and throw away the bag. That caramel corn is not making it to Monday.

I have made several variations of caramel corn but I prefer the recipe at the best.

There you have it, caramel corn with nary a nut nearby. And for vegans just substitute some vegan butter for real stuff. There is a little difference in the texture of the caramel but that is all. I made some for a friend at work whose family has  a lot of dietary restrictions and seemed to like it.




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