Easter jars are easy, cute and can save you money on plumbing costs.



I was in the mood to do a little crafting over the weekend but I was so not in the mood to spend money at the craft store. I have been embracing minimalism and simplicity and the last thing I want to do is bring more stuff into my house. And you know no one EVER purchases the exact amount of craft supplies. I couldn’t bear having a few more leftover craft odds and ends cluttering up my home.

Then I thought about what I could do and of course the first thought that I had was JARS! And of course my second thought was EASTER! And then I said in a hushed tone, amazed with myself, Easter Jars! (You know I love to use jars as gifts, like for Halloween and Christmas.) Easter jars, it was a perfect idea.

IMG_2037I mean really, why must we always use baskets at Easter, why can’t we start using jars. Baskets are cumbersome and stuff falls out of them. Jars are just as cute and way more economical – less space to fill after all. They are easier to transport and don’t take up much room.

So I picked up some jelly beans and chocolate eggs and a package of Peeps. The only non-food item I purchased was the plastic yellow straw and that was 99 cents. I think the Easter Bunny would approve.

I made them on Sunday morning. It was fun, I got my crafty on for less than $6 and it did not take long. The only problem was now I had candy in my home. No problem I figured, I will share with my friend’s kids. But then something magical happened. Something magical enough that those jars paid for themselves and then some.

I had a plumber coming Sunday afternoon to put in a new garbage disposal and to fix a cracked pipe under my sink. I like this plumbing company, our condo association uses them for building projects and they come on Sundays without charging extra. He arrived promptly at noon, at the start of the four hour window I was given. We got to talking while he worked.

updatedIMG_2034Originally, when I made the jars,  I had only three. I had filled the jars full of jelly beans so you would not see the Peep until you actually opened the jar. But when the plumber mentioned his kids I asked how many he had, turns out four. Aha!  I followed up with, “do you mind me asking if you celebrate Easter?” He said he did not mind and that they do. So I grabbed another jar and re-divied them up so three jars became four. I think the jars ended up cuter with the Peep in full view.  I gave him with the four jars and said, maybe your kids will enjoy these. He thanked me and said they would love them.

So just before the plumber was to leave, he excused himself to run to his truck. He came back with a coupon for $100. I heard him on the phone talking with the dispatcher to figure out how to properly include the $100 coupon in the invoice because it was not registering for him. A few minutes later he said he got it and then presented me with my bill, minus $100.

Now I did not plan on bribing the plumber with cute Easter jars. I just figured, this saves me a trip and chances of getting them to my friends children before Easter would be difficult. AND, I would not have candy in the house. Well, just a few Peeps, but no jelly beans or chocolate eggs. Not very altruistic of me really, but a little gesture can go a long way. Who knew a few jars of $6 worth of Easter candy and Easter straw would save me $100.

Take that Easter baskets!


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