After this, not another peep about Easter Jars

For reals, just one last one. For less than $2 you too can be the proud owner of an Easter jar that is both cute and sweet. Seriously, Peeps were $1 and the cute little chick on top was $1. The first you can get at any grocery or drug store this time of year. The latter was purchased at the Tiffany’s of dollar stores, The Dollar Tree. Oh, and it lights up too. I glued the chick on top with little glue dots so it could be removed and played with easily. It lights up you too you know. Yes, when I say Tiffany’s of dollar stores, I mean it.

The jar, well, that is thanks to my love of salsa. Yep, save the wide-mouth jar your salsa comes in and spray paint the top and BAM! You have a lovely receptacle for your Peeps. I am trying to live a life of fiscal simplicity and physical minimalism. So I just reuse something I already have and get more bang for the buck. Pretty much a win-win.

I must admit I was remiss when I whipped this together. I mad-dashed this gift. You can see the sell by date at the top of the jar. But if you have a steel wool  pad that comes right off under running water. And to avoid that smell of spray paint, when I acquire enough jars I will just spray paint the lids all at once inside a box and let them air out. That way, when I need the jar, it is there, odor free.My default color is black so that is why I this jar has a black lid. It was already there, mad-dashed remember?  It helps that the black brings out my rubber chick’s eyes.

I am sure I could have made it more Easter-like if I had used a pastel color. So if you know in advance you will be multiple jars to give and want a particular color scheme, you might want to plan ahead on the painting the lids. Spray paint smell is not very Easter-y.

So there you have it, $2. Plus, you get a few left over Peeps for your own dining pleasure. Win-win!




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