My own personal Paris: Part 1

Okay, remember when I wrote about living in the present and not solely living in the future? You know, way back two posts ago? Well, for 2019 I am attempting to balance my future with my present. But at least this time, I have an actual firm date in the future and a plan for today.

May 14th, I head to Paris bitches!

I have about four and a half months to get ready.

Fiscally I need to save money, having lulled myself back into some debt. I was amazed how I was able to get out of it. It was big y’all, another post for another time. But even more amazed at how easily I could slip back into it.

Physically I want to be leaner so I can fit in my airplane seat and later run up some random stairs in Paris and twirl around like Audrey Hepburn. Actually,  I am going to be realistic, I want to be the slightly chubby American in Paris who can gracefully run up some stairs while eating patisserie. I lost more than 40 lbs last year but managed to put 20 back on. Fiscal, physical, it appears to be related.

Emotionally, well, emotionally I want to be me in Paris and I want me to enjoy it. That is, I want to experience the trip for what it is and for who I am and not what I expect it or I should be.

I even managed to trick some of my friends and family into joining me. And when I say tricked, I mean asked them to join me and most said yes. Honestly, I was shocked. I mean, if they think a trip to Paris with me sounds like fun, perhaps taking a trip to Paris with myself would be fun too?

So hopefully, every coffee I do not buy over the next 4 1/2 months will mean a coffee I can purchase at a sidewalk cafe in Paris. Every sweet I forgo here, I will indulge in there. Every negative thought I have I will dispatch as quickly as possible so I can enjoy Paris in as positive a mindset as I can muster.

P.S. I was surprised to see this post arrive in my inbox. While living in the future, I wrote this post but was happy with it so decided I would make it better. I then “scheduled it” for a later date, meaning to finish it or reschedule it for “later.” Guess what? I forgot and got distracted by other things. It posted before I could finish it. “Later” came when I was not looking, reminding me that “someday” arrives whether I am ready or not. Kind of like life.

So I best get ready for Paris now, and not put it off. Hopefully, life lesson learned.



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