About me

Before I get to me, a little something about living a la mode….

Has there ever been a time when you heard a la mode and didn’t smile? That is what I love about a la mode….it conjures up goodness, smiles, and of course, ice cream. Not a bad tone to set. The idea of living a la mode! also represents how a small, deliberate change can have a huge impact. How one simple act will elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. To relish in the beauty of that simple act and not always attempt to go overboard when it comes to life. That one small act in any area of your life can change it for the better? Don’t get me wrong, live with gusto, just don’t go so crazy with projects and resolutions that you end up trying to stay one step ahead or playing catch up with life. Don’t miss the whole point of living a la Mode.

And now, to me.

A few things off the top of my head….

  • Dear HGTV, I don’t have access to a carpenter or interior designer, neither is within my budget, I am a single gal with a mortgage and an extremely spoiled dog.
  • I never learned how to sew properly – my fault, not my mom’s
  • I am not a seasoned cook but can bake a few things. Not bread, though I have tried, really, really hard.
  • I work in journalism, a field that keeps me creative in decorating and entertaining thanks to a really, really small salary, three furloughs in two years and a salary freeze that lasted almost three – woo hoo!
  • I live in the wonderful city of Washington, D.C. and have been a resident since December of 1994. Before that it was Blacksburg, Va. for several years and Syosset, (Long Island) N.Y. for my formative years.
  • I am constantly amazed at how people can afford to live the way they appear to live. Am I doing something wrong or is everyone I know in really, really massive debt.
  • I believe everyone is creative, they just don’t know it. 
  • Currently, I do not accept free merchandise, samples or any form of compensation for any editorial coverage. If I like it, I like it. If I hate it, I hate it. If I am confused, well, that just means I am awake.


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