Cafe au almond

When you become obsessed by something you find there really is no off switch. And that goes for any type of obsession. My obsession with the Real Housewives franchise. My obsession with pretty stationary that I never end up using. My obsession with Brazilian actor, Rodrigo Santoro. Okay, maybe that was an overshare but watch Love Actually and I... Continue Reading →

Cravings: Blending coffee with the artisanal and eco-friendly

Coffee Bean SoapSo what do you get when you combine creativity with coffee? An artistic blend of awesome.  I love me my and when it came to working with and recycling coffee, packaging and accessories, the artisans at Etsy have come up with some original, stylish and earth friendly approaches. HeartJCreations has combined the exfoliation powers of coffee... Continue Reading →

Coffee a la mode

Wait! I have waxed philosophic on the subject of coffee for two days and have yet to discuss and dissect the flavor of coffee? My bad. So allow me. Coffee - the tasty, beautiful, rich beverage with an aroma of nothing but love. Love? Yes, love. You can't not love the smell of coffee. Taste, sure, it... Continue Reading →

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