The scoop: A list of sites and ideas I love that keep me from doing what I should be doing.

And what is it I should be doing? Well, that is making lists of all the things I have to do. Particularly the things I have to do before my trip to Blacksburg and Knoxville on Tuesday and the frighteningly close holidays. I like lists, they are kind of like well-meaning procrastination. You think you are... Continue Reading →

The Scoop: Easter edition

A roundup of crafts and décor that celebrate the simple and natural elegance of the egg. Love, love, love the hunt, gather and host (left)feature from the BBB craft sisters on Design*Sponge. They combine festive gatherings, nature, crafts and food. Just about all of my most favorite things. Wait! There's more.... Oh Martha, THIS is such a good thing.... Continue Reading →

The Scoop…

A sampling of what I come across during the week on the web... I started the week with some of my snaps from the Washington Home and Garden Show. So let's cap off the week with some beautiful images of The Philadelphia Garden Show shot by my talented friend Britt who features the event on her blog, Genius... Continue Reading →

The Scoop…

The last three posts began with "I" so let's make this one about somebody else. Here are a few sites and ideas that caught my eye over the last week. Check out Traditional Home's tech girl Laura Heller's piece on a few designing ways of looking at Apps. One App overlooked and my latest addiciton,  Hipstamatic.... Continue Reading →

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